Board of directors

The Ministry's board of directors have a combined 30+ years of experience in the fields of culture, music, tech and working with local governments and organisations. With our diverse backgrounds, we're able to quickly build out ideas by connecting our various skill sets and networks of people.

We surround ourselves with many experts in the various cultural fields, and pride ourselves on having built a national and international community of people we can bring onto our projects to make them succeed.

Foundation Ministry of Urban Culture

Kloosterweg 1

6412 CN Heerlen

The Netherlands

Thomas Schoffelen

Chairman of the board
Since starting his first company at age 15, Thomas has run projects involving social challenges and modern tech for governments on a local and national level.

Alvin Schepers

Being involved in rap music for 20 years, The Marvel claimed his spot in the underground as part of the dutch crew ‘Het Verzet’. He’s also great in conceptualising and executing compelling educational projects for kids.

David Hoeksema

Accountant and MMA fighter from Parkstad, making sure the foundation is financially compliant and in control.
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