Promoting, Professionalising and accelerating youth culture across europe

Our portfolio is a selection of projects we and our network of professionals have worked on since 2007. Ministry of Urban Culture is the culmination of that work and our next step into solidifying efforts on an international scale.

Foundation Ministry of Urban Culture

Kloosterweg 1

6412 CN Heerlen

The Netherlands

Dutch Combat Events

A spectacular combat event with local and national talent, hosted in Landgraaf. We just can't deny the incredible rise of MMA as a popular sport for young people.

World Bboy Classics

With Paul van Dal and Niek Traa we organise World BBoy Classic, one of the cornerstones of the most authentic bboy culture & competition in Holland.

Workathon Subp Yao x Doop

Our network co-produced and co-financed Subp Yao & DooP’s EP, video and online branding with an entire production team in Thüringen, Germany.

Foundation cuttin' class

Alvin Schepers and Bart Temme were responsible for an agency called Cuttin’ Class. Limburgs first self funded event, workshop, and art platform for kids that love urban culture.

The Notorious IBE

Our team has assisted in organising the International Breakdance Event, mainly production & media. IBE is the most important cultural festival of breakdance culture globally.

Street Art Cities

We are heavily responsible for the technology of the first global street art platform (and community of 800+ photographers) to create the biggest database of street art on the planet.

Nederlandse Breakdance League

Together with Paul van Dal we helped create a vision for ‘Dutch Breakdance League’. An initiative that helps professionalize several key topics in break, including judging and scoring.
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